lauantai 28. maaliskuuta 2020

In search for new markets

How to sell intelligent solutions, subsystems and components, primarily for industrial automation, and infrastructure, including solutions for artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, control systems, sensors, industrial networks and communication networks on a global scale.

Factories closed, ports idling, lack of containers, rising freight costs, and shipments on stand-by.  The coronavirus obviously does not spare the wood sector and in particular the specialized exporters in China.

A majority of companies are forced to change their strategies and look for new markets. However, this opportunity is not available to everybody.

Even more so because the restrictions caused by the coronavirus epidemic are not the first and potentially not the hardest blows on the export expansion of the timber industry, including to China.

As the world grapples with the widening impact and unexpected global consequences of the coronavirus, both stock markets, and lumber markets are getting hammered.

The Russian timber industry is in search of new markets.
Many exporters of the Russian timber industry are suffering losses because of the coronavirus.

Our customers operate mainly in the fields of pulp-, paper-, board-, and tissue processing. Also sawmills, CLT, LVL, MDF, board, and gluelam manufacturing.


Global forest products markets 

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