torstai 17. maaliskuuta 2005

Blogging + Social Networking

Blogging + Social Networking: Road to personal portal Kevin Wen's Web: "The blogging concept was first introduced in China in 2002. It grew rapidly and became popular in merely one year.

In 2003, Social Networking and related applications started to surface in China. There are more than 300,000 people who are actively involved in Blogging and Social Networking sites. These new methods of self-expression and communication have started a new Internet trend in China. People are publishing their thoughts and experiences on Blog sites. Social Networking tools help them to establish new connections and enhance existing friendships.

Currently, blogging service providers are seeking new opportunities to commercialize their businesses. At the same time, they are adjusting their strategy to comply with evolving government regulations on Internet usage. Social Networking service providers are striving to find a profitable business model. What if we combine these two seemingly separate but yet fundamentally related concepts?

Blogging and Social Networking complement each other. Their value can potentially be multiplied through integration. Blogging improves the interaction of Social Networking users. Blogger communities become tighter and stronger via Social Networking. Naturally, this new breed of collaboration and communication application evolves into a personal portal."
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