perjantai 25. helmikuuta 2005

Les Grands projets de ville (GPV)

Dossier ville : Les Grands projets de ville (GPV): "Saint-Dizier, avec ses 31000 habitants est non seulement une des plus petites communes actuellement en GPV mais aussi l'une des premières dont le dossier a été boucle. C'est que la situation l' est particulièrement sensible"
  • Halfway between Paris and Strasbourg, between the Rhone Valley and the Belgian border, Saint-Dizier is the gateway to Eastern France. It is five miles from Western Europe's biggest man-made lake, Der-Chantecoq.
  • With 31,000 inhabitants it is the largest town in Haute-Marne and the fifth largest in Champagne-Ardenne. It has a fascinating and wealthy past based on the iron industry and has produced numerous cast iron masterpieces.
  • Today Saint-Dizier is in the midst of a sea-change, becoming a high growth town once again while steadily improving the quality of life for the people who live there.
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