perjantai 25. helmikuuta 2005

Great Northern Town Center

Great Northern Town Center - Helena, Montana: You're Invited to experience the very best ideas of contemporary design, combined to create a unique living, working and shopping environment with a strong sense of community.
Anchoring the northern end of the economically vibrant Central Business District and adjacent to Carroll College, the Great Northern Town Center is sited on approximately 11 acres, located where the original railroad spur entered the center of Helena.
We encourage you to take a closer look at this gem in the Queen City's Crown. An emerging trend across the nation, Main Street Districts are seeing phenomenal growth, interest, and restoration.
The Great Northern Town Center is quickly becoming a business and social hub for the capitol city. The Great Northern Carousel is a popular regional entertainment and tourist attraction.
Coming soon are the Community Works! Exploration and Discovery Museum and the Lewis and Clark Montana Experience, certain to enhance the appeal and vitality of the area as a destination point for locals and tourists.
Great Things are Happening at the Great Northern Town Center!
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