tiistai 28. syyskuuta 2004

Movies on-demand

Before home video there was a blank space to be filled by home video. Every small town had, between the filling station and K-Market, an empty storefront waiting to become the home-video shop. In the 80's people waited for years for their half-remembered favorite films to show up at the local cinema or somewhere in the unforseeable future on their late-night television.
Before home video the long winter nights were endured by reading books, playing cards or listening to music from your radio. Then it became possible to fill those silent stretches by a walk to the video outlet down the street (R-Kioski).
In most outlets the bulk of the stock is made up of slasher epics, soft-core monster comedies, low quality action movies, and the mosti banhised major-studio releases; but movies old and new, good and bad, are being issued on video (now dvd) every day, in no logica order or pattern.
The next step will be downloading favorite movies from Internet.
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