tiistai 28. syyskuuta 2004

Devloy Peterburg

The newspaper “Delovoy Peterburg”, a leader in supplying business news and information to the North-West of Russia, is pleased to announce a new project of the paper; a yearly International Forum on Russian Economic Development.
The goal of the forum is to unite foreign business and political leaders who have played a direct role in Russian economic development with the Russian businesspeople who shape today’s economy.
If you are interested in “Delovoy Peterburg” and St. Petersburg's business climate
'Delovoy Peterburg' is currently offering free access to the electronic newsline of 'Delovoy Peterburg' in English! There you will find daily news updates about businesses operating in St. Petersburg, as well as information about the St. Petersburg City Administration and the Leningrad Region.
St. Petersburg's economy is continually developing, yet the city still has plenty of good business opportunities remaining for investors and foreign business ventures. You can read about these possibilities in our newsline, which is written five days a week.
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