maanantai 20. kesäkuuta 2005

DHL tags 2015

: "DHL International GmbH this month starts developing a global IT infrastructure that will let it affix a radio-frequency identification tag on every package it ships by 2015. The goal: gain tighter control of shipments, cut costs, and improve operating performance by reducing paperwork and data collection.

DHL's plan to tag every package it handles is a lofty one since the transportation and logistics arm of Deutsche Post World Net ships more than a billion packages a year. This week at DHL's Brussels facility, representatives from the company's 8,000-employee IT-services division plan to join marketing, purchasing, and operations staff to discuss how the company needs to change its global IT infrastructure to support the effort.

'You could look at it as a huge, overwhelming challenge, but if you break the elephant into bite-size chunks, there's a way to tackle it,' says Trevor Peirce, RFID global program director for the DHL global coordination center. 'It requires lots of thought, and most people in RFID don't sleep much because they're always thinking.' "
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