tiistai 24. elokuuta 2004

Justin Hall - the first blogger

Justin Hall was a sophomore at Swarthmore College in 1993 when he heard about the Web. He coded some pages by hand in HTML. His “Justin’s Links from the Underground”15 may well have been the first serious weblog, long before specialized weblog software tools became available.
The first visitor to Hall’s site from outside the university came in 1994. He explained his motivations in an email:
"Why did I do it? The urge to share of oneself, to join a great global knowledge sharing party. The chance to participate in something cool. A deep geek archivist’s urge to experiment with documenting and archiving personal media and experience. In college I realized that Proust and Joyce would have loved the web, and they likely would have tried a similar experiment—they wrote in hypertext, about human lives. It was journalism, but I was mostly reporting on me. In the early days, I wrote about the web, on the web, because few 13 from tom paine to blogs and beyond other people were doing so.
Once search engines and link directories emerged, I didn’t need to catalog everything online. So I enjoyed having a tool to map my thoughts and experiences, and a chance to connect those thoughts and experiences to the rest of the electrified English-speaking world!"
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