tiistai 24. elokuuta 2004

Fixed locations

Media experiences have often been associated with fixed locations. In ISEA2004 Erkki Huhtamo brings up that in recent decades, media experiences have begun to "break out" from fixed locations, taking place in all kinds of intermediate spaces.
  1. the ways we conceive communication
  2. mobility, social space and the formation of identity (...the 600 km long room)
  3. media archaeology and media art (...rich media in the woods and rural areas)

ISEA was held in Helsinki once before. Ten years ago in ISEA94, the themes included the Internet and the opportunities it created. ISEA2004 discusses in the Histories of the new theme such issues as, how fast the past ”ten years online” have gone by. ISEA has previously been held in Utrecht, Groningen, Sydney, Minneapolis, Montréal, Rotterdam, Chicago, Liverpool-Manchester, Paris and the last time was two years ago in Nagoya. ISEA2004 event’s main organiser is m-cult, centre for media culture in Finland. The patrons for the event are UNESCO and the President of the Republic of Finland Tarja Halonen.

Wireless Experience, ISEA2004 August 20 – October 24 2nd and 4th floors, Studio K and Kontti www.isea2004.net

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