sunnuntai 15. elokuuta 2004

Digital Storytelling

Some quick background: Founded in 1995 by Dana and Denise Atchley, the Digital Storytelling Conference & Festival immerses participants in the principles and practice of digital storytelling, from fundamentals of dramatic structure, voice, and pacing to the latest digital technologies and software tools.
In this richly collaborative environment, participants learn from the top instructors and visionaries in the field, and network with peers who have made digital storytelling an essential tool for success. Storytelling as participatory media. The person behind the link has been asked to keynote this year's Digital Storytelling Festival in beautiful Sedona. Salon's Scott Rosenberg keynoted last year and recommended j.d lasica as the year 2004 keynote speaker. Read Lasicas writings here.
Technology, which has already helped spawn a class of amateur journalists through text-based weblogs and niche news sites, is about to blast into oblivion another largely artificial distinction: the gap between professional and amateur visualists.
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